2000HP Toyota Supra – Cleanest Race Supras We’ve Ever Seen!

In the corner of the world that loves drag racing, there are a couple of platforms ...

In the corner of the world that loves drag racing, there are a couple of platforms that are definitely a good go-to when you’re looking for something that is reliable and won’t steer you wrong. One of those machines that we could count on to be a drag racing beast is none other than the Toyota Supra. Now, while it definitely is a good jumping off point and we’ve seen many of these cars accomplish great feats, we have to say that not all Supras are created equal. It definitely takes just the right amount of know-how and elbow grease to make one of these things really sing and be the showstopper that it was born to be.

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In this featurette, thanks to the guys over at That Racing Channel, we get the opportunity to feast our eyes on not just one byt two pristine examples of a Supra magic. From top to bottom, these things are decked out with so many performance goodies that your mind might just be boggled and the execution on the platform is second to none as all of the aspects here come together in just the right quantities in order to make the art pop right off of the canvas, if you will, generating what is bound to be a fan favorite no matter where they go.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch a glimpse of Cody Phillips Racing and Dana Westover from Virtual Works Racing as their insane machines hit the track at Royal Purple Raceway and out in Las Vegas alike as they throw down some gnarly no-time passes. It’s not every day that you get the see 2000 hp machines like these. Even amongst the other big power cars that you might be able to catch sight of, this is a pairing that certainly goes above and beyond.

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