2004 Mustang Cobra Throttle Stuck at 7,000RPM Doing 110MPH

2004 Mustang Cobra Throttle Stuck at 7,000RPM Doing 110MPHpre-entries are now live ...

2004 Mustang Cobra Throttle Stuck at 7,000RPM Doing 110MPH

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The sound of the  supercharged modular engine found in a 2003 or 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra is pretty much unmistakable. That whine is definitely a note beloved by many.

What isn’t sought after, however, is hearing that whine while bouncing off of the 7,000+RPM rev limiter for a good 10-seconds while the throttle is forced to stay wide open, threatening a bottom end explosion.

Check out the video below as this supercharger almost gives the engine more boost than it can handle as the gas pedal gets stuck under the car’s floor mats and nearly ends it all! What do you think of this scary situation?

While this might have been scary, at least it wasn’t a complete FAIL like this burnout.


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