200mph Pulls in a Corvette Can Get a Bit Sketchy!

When racing, there are tons of milestones that one could dare to achieve. In a ...

When racing, there are tons of milestones that one could dare to achieve. In a half-mile, it seems like one of the biggest and most impressive of those milestones is to reach out and touch the 200 mph mark. In this one, we travel down to the Wanna Go Fast half mile event in Georgia that has the guys from LSxperts chasing down some rather impressive heights with their Chevrolet Corvette that is built like a beast. This twin turbocharged monster is still in the works of getting everything sorted out but when everything is said and done, the team is shooting for some impressive heights as you can hear in the interview.

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Anyone who has ever reached out and touched the likes of 200 will tell you that it’s not quite like anything that you’ve ever felt before. Even if you have been past the 150 mph mark, nothing is quite the same as that 200 mark. In this one, we watch as the wild Chevy blasts right on past that 200 mark not just once but twice, seemingly with the ease, or at least it looks, as the car musters up a 201 mph and 205 mph pass. However, on one of the passes, things got just a little bit sketchy as the rear end would kick out of the car as it was coming around hard, trucking in on another 200+ pass, calling for the driver to toss in some of his quick thinking ability to keep this thing rolling forward.

Check out the BigKleib34 video below that takes you inside of this amazing machine as it manages to muster its way into that 200+ club in this video that even goes as far as taking us inside of the cab during one of the passes. After following along with this wild Corvette as it flexes its muscles just a little bit, tell us what you think of the car and its ability to do what not too many are capable of.

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