2017 NSX Hits the Drag Strip With a Full Exhaust

If you talk to any car guy, more likely than not, they will be able to tell you that ...

If you talk to any car guy, more likely than not, they will be able to tell you that there is a pretty big list of cars that have simply fallen out of production that there a wide variety of gearheads would love to see it back. It’s unclear why some of these machines just didn’t make it because they seemed too awesome to be true but thanks to some sort of metric that the automaker found to be important, well, some of the rides simply just couldn’t hang around in mainstream motoring as they have fallen by the wayside and left to die off, leaving behind nothing more than a legacy.

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Up until recently, one of the cars that would be on this list would be the likes of the Acura NSX. Now, the machine might have seemed to be widely beloved in its day but I guess that sales numbers didn’t quite agree with what it took to put these things out. Therefore, the car had gone on a nice little hiatus, taking a break and forcing Acura to have to listen to the clamouring from fans, talking about how much they miss this thing and want it back. As it turns out, the company was listening and today, we get a modern version of the NSX but it’s a little bit different than the old school one.

This time, we can see just how much oomph the NSX has behind it as the 2017 rendition of the car hits the drag strip with the help of a full exhaust from the headers back, powering its way down to the finish line with the help of an electric aided launch that really helps out this car getting its way as it makes quite the pass. Without a bunch of modification, the old NSX really seemed to be quite a dog in the drag racing world but this time, it looks like they really remedied that as the newer rendition has come along quite nicely.

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