2018 Camaro ZL1 gets kicked off the track due to Exhaust Condensation!!

Racing at the drag strip is certainly a lot of fun but sometimes, there’s a ...

Racing at the drag strip is certainly a lot of fun but sometimes, there’s a little bit of preparation and consideration to take before you just head out there and hit the track. Now, if you’re wondering why some people would prefer to just race on the street, sometimes, it comes down to the amount of money that you would have to spend to buy proper safety equipment if you want to go a certain speed. As cars get faster and faster, the safety equipment really gets more and more expensive then some drivers might not deem it to be completely necessary. Therefore, they skip out on the track altogether.

This time, however, the problem at the track and why this 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is getting kicked out has absolutely nothing to do with safety equipment or any other regulation that the car fails to meet. Instead, it seems like he’s being booted from the racing surface just because of condensation coming from his exhaust. That’s right, something completely out of the driver’s control is getting this brand-new car kicked off of the track for quite the trivial reasoning. Sure, you don’t want water on the racing surface but most the time, the track staff will just choose to clean it up after the car spits out condensation from the starting line.

The video below shows the frustration as this driver pulls up to the Christmas tree after waiting almost an hour in line, enduring the wait as another car called for a major cleanup out on the track. From the sound of things, perhaps the staff here got a little bit confused and thought that he was running air-conditioning which the owner of the car says nothing about but if the idea that he was kicked out because of exhaust condensation rings true, well, that’s definitely a good reason for him to be a little bit frustrated and want to get his money back.

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