20mm Anti Tank Rifle vs 16 Steel Plates!

Guys, we have to tell you, even if you don’t care at all about guns, this video has ...

Guys, we have to tell you, even if you don’t care at all about guns, this video has some of the most wicked slow motion footage we have ever seen and regardless of the subject matter, it is just cool to watch. The guys over at FullMag, one of the premier firearm channels on YouTube, decided to see what happens when you fire a 20mm anti-tank rifle at a stack of sixteen steel plated.

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The rifle, a  Lahti L-39 anti-tank gun, fired its massive rounds at tanks back in World War II, but FullMag decided to put it through the paces by firing at these still plates and capturing everything in amazing slow-motion.

The round that is fired, a tungsten round from the days that the gun was originally built, blows through six of the steel plates and knocks a dent in the 7th before finally running out of steam. Thanks to the high-speed cameras, we get to see this in detail like never before, and it is purely amazing to watch. You can see the bullet itself exit the barrel, twisting as it travels downrange and the huge cloud of smoke that comes out of the barrel behind it.

As mesmerizing as that is, watching the bullet smash through the steel plates is even more spectacular. You can as the bullet loses speed and becomes deformed, the hole it leaves grows larger and more devastating. Hole in the first plate is a neat circle with very little deformation around the entry point, but with each subsequent plate, the circle grows larger and less precise, spreading to a couple of inches by the time it punched through the sixth plate and deforming an area several inches in diameter around the puncture.

Just hit the play button and check it out for yourself, it’s truly some amazing footage of a badass rifle doing what badass rifles do!

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