3000+HP Hummer H1 Punishes The Dirt! Beast Mode!

If you think that fast things only come in small packages, then allow us to introduce ...

If you think that fast things only come in small packages, then allow us to introduce you to one of the heaviest rigs that can also roll out as good as if not better than its much smaller counterparts. Just when you thought that eliminating weight was the best way to go fast, someone came from out of left field and put this heavy sucker out there in the dirt to do a little bit of throwing down with plenty of weight in its corner to pack a punch that will keep on hitting for some time to come!

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Instead of what we’re used to, this two-plus ton BEAST rolls out like nothing that we’ve ever seen before. This could be the first and only off-road drag racing Hummer in existence and the fact that it’s the first generation makes it even better! We’ve never seen something like this before and if we were to see something like it again, I don’t think that the crew here at Speed Society would be too opposed. Just imagine the G-forces pushing your head to the back of your skull as this incredible machine digs down deep and absolutely slays the dirt with a vengeance.

Check out the video below as this sleeper tears off of the line and shocks everyone who has laid eyes on it! This drag racing machine is nothing short of amazing and something that we would definitely recommend to just about everyone to check out. After peering in on what this thing has to offer, be sure to tell us what you think of such a monstrosity bullying its way through the dirt. Once you hop into the action for yourself, we can almost guarantee you that you’re going to want even more of it at wide open throttle!

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