302 Powered TT Ford Focus…..And It’s Rear Wheel Drive?

Our partner Justin Malcolm from the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel has a knack for ...

Our partner Justin Malcolm from the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel has a knack for finding the coolest cars and capturing the best footage from all around the grudge and no time scenes in the southeast, and this video is just further proof of how far outside the box racers think to build something unique.

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This isn’t the first compact car we’ve seen converted to rear wheel drive and crammed with V8 power, but it’s definitely one of the coolest builds we’ve seen, and it throws down on the track too! Starting life as a four door Ford Focus econobox, this car was probably destined for a life of soccer mom duty, relegated to being a daily driven gas sipper used for trips to and from school and the local Publix.

However, somewhere along the way a gearhead with a vision got his hands on it and went to work making the car into a legit drag car with a future of gapping opponents and surprising fans who just don’t see whats about to happen because all they see is a Focus!

The owner decided to stick with the blue oval for power for the build too, sourcing a small block ford and a couple of turbochargers to force feed air into the engine. We don’t have any details on the combination as far as internals, but if you follow the X275 class at all, you know small block Fords fed by turbochargers tend to get the job done in the class on a regular basis, so the potential is there for this build to crank out a ton of power.

You can see and hear in this single pass that the car sounds healthy and looks to be running deep into the 5 second zone, if not quicker, though we don’t know the actual ET’s because no time cars like to keep that little bit of info top secret. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this car popping up regularly in the grudge scene here in the southeast, most likely hurting some feelings along the way.

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