4 Ton Wrecking Ball in Slow Motion

When it comes time to knock down structures that are built to withstand the test of ...

When it comes time to knock down structures that are built to withstand the test of time and outside elements that are attempting to make them meet their demise, you really need some heavy power to make the structures go down. Sometimes, that force might come in the form of explosives but other times, you might see a method like this four-ton wrecking ball broken out to, well, break down whatever stands in its path. Usually, it gets a little bit of a challenge but this time, we check out what happens when you take something like a massive wrecking ball and put up against objects that it will take down easily, more specifically, automobiles.

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In this one, we witnessed the sheer power of a wrecking ball as it goes up against a couple of cars that are up for the challenge as they watch that massive swinging hunk of metal flying through the sky and plowing straight into their doors to wreak havoc. To make it all better, the Slowmo Guys come along for the ride as they have been known to break down situations like this in slow motion, pointing out the details and really focusing in on the most interesting parts that the human eye could never even begin to fathom picking up on in real time.

Follow along in the video below that shows off the situation as it is brought to your screen with ultimate precision while also packing a brutal punch that you couldn’t find anywhere else. There are a lot of things to observe here so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for all of the action. From the way that the paint crumbles to the glass being crushed in, and just let everything in between, this really has a lot to offer.

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