5 Handy Tool Hacks You Can Use in Your Garage!

Now THESE are some handy tips! I know I often find myself in need of a makeshift tool ...

Now THESE are some handy tips! I know I often find myself in need of a makeshift tool while I’m working on something unexptectedly and didn’t bring the appropriate tools. So these ideas for tools-in-a-fix will definitely make life easier.

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Need a screwdriver but don’t have one handy? Just unplug something. You can use the prongs from the plug as a makeshift flat head screwdriver. Just think about that for a second! You need to unscrew something and it seems like you’re screwed because your neighbor Steve borrowed all of your tools back in 2008. Just unplug the lamp and there you go!

Tired of hammering your fingers trying to get a nail started? Yeah, that HURTS! Plus it really makes you feel stupid, doesn’t it? Next time, hold the nail with a regular old comb and no more finger banging! If you do miss, you hit your $0.50 comb instead of your thumbnail! Got some small wires you need to solder and no clamps or small children to hold them for you? Grab them with a pair of needle nose pliers and wrap a rubber band around the handle!

Tired of your tools getting all rusty? It happens with even the most careful attention to your toolboxes exposure to moisture. Throw a pack of silica gel into each drawer in the toolbox to suck up the moisture and keep your investment looking pristine! And finally, if you have to wrangle those minuscule screws that hold eyeglasses together, you know that those jeweler’s screwdrivers are great for the job, but you can’t really torque down on the screw and tighten them down. The fix? Nail clippers! Just use the clippers to grab the screwdriver in the grooved shaft! More than enough gripping power!

These are some excellent tips that I guarantee you will use at least once now that you’ve seen this video!


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