$5 Million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster in Switzerland

In today’s episode of “Cars Taco Will Never Be Able To Afford”, we have the most ...

In today’s episode of “Cars Taco Will Never Be Able To Afford”, we have the most expensive car Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has ever built. Coming in at a budget-smashing $5 million, the Veneno is one of the most absurd rides I’ve ever seen, even if I’ve only actually seen in via internet video.

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Wearing a retina-searing green hue with starkly contrasting carbon fiber accents, the car looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick thanks to the splitters and rear diffuser, along with the huge spoiler with its vertical center stand. The car is decidedly Lamborghini with that wedge-like side profile the company has become known for. The car is based on the Aventador, though it’s been changed drastically from its origins into the form it takes here. Using a modified version of the Aventador’s V12, the Veneno produces 740 horsepower and has an electronically-limited top speed of 220 MPH. It rips from 0 to sixty in just 2.8 seconds and brakes from 60 to 0 in an insane 98 feet. Hit the corners and the limited edition Lambo will pin you against the door thanks to a face-distorting 1.4 g lateral bite.

Of course, in this video, we just get to see the car fire up and cruise around very slowly, a shame considering the power lurking at the other end of the throttle pedal. Of course, I understand the driver has to take great caution in driving the car, as even a small scratch or ding is liable to cost 5 figures to repair.

I just wish the photographers would stay out from in front of the car while the driver is moving forward. All it would take is one misstep and you’ve got a 3-4 pound camera with a 180 pound man behind it falling right toward the insanely-priced car. I’m sure that would be a fun explanation to the boss back at the magazine or website when that bill comes in.

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