5 Simple Screwdriver Life Hacks

The Crazy Russian Hacker is back with some more life hacks, this time related to ...

The Crazy Russian Hacker is back with some more life hacks, this time related to little-known uses for the common screwdriver. As usual, CRH has some great tips that you probably haven’t thought about when it comes to using a Phillips or flat head.

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The first tip has nothing to do with driving screws, but instead shows you how to use a screwdriver when you’re pouring oil and can’t find a funnel. While it doesn’t seem like the most logical replacement for a funnel, Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates very effectively that a screwdriver will in fact work to transfer oil from bottle to bottle, and would work equally well to add oil to your car or lawnmower.

The rest of the tips are more typical uses for the screwdriver, such as using it in conjunction with a wrench to loosen a bolt when you can’t find the exact size wrench for the job, and using vice grips to clamp down on screwdriver bits when you can’t find the screwdriver handle itself – and haven’t we all been there before?! You can also attach a small magnet to the shank of your screwdriver to help hold screws in place, and finally CRH shows us how to use a rubber band to increase the grip of your screwdriver in a stripped out screw head. Thanks as always to Crazy Russian Hacker for bringing us more awesome life hacks!

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