5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Vehicle

5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Vehiclepre-entries are now live ...

5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Vehicle

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When it comes to driving a manual transmission vehicle, the act can be seen as both an art and a science wrapped up in one gear banging package. While driving a car with a stick shift can be a load of fun, there are some natural tendencies that you might do out of habit that should be avoided.

This time, we dive into what exactly some of those tendencies are with Engineering Explained. This video tells us everything from why you shouldn’t rest your hand on the shifter to what proper stop light etiquette is. Check out the video below that will tell you all about the top five things that you might just be doing wrong in your manually shifted car. Are you guilty of any of these habits?

Engineering Explained – “5 Things You Should Never Do With A Manual Transmission Vehicle. Five bad stick shift driving habits. Is it okay to rest your hand on the gearshift? Should you put the car in neutral when you come to a stop? How can you prevent rolling back on a hill? How do you drive a manual on a steep hill? How to hill start. Is it okay to floor it at low engine RPM? Is it okay to rest your foot on the clutch pedal?”

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