50 Cal Vs Train Track

When it comes to evaluating a weapon or caliber of ammunition on its abilities, one ...

When it comes to evaluating a weapon or caliber of ammunition on its abilities, one thing that you want to look at is accuracy and another metric that many would say to be incredibly important in terms of buying a weapon would be the strength of impact. The latter will be exactly what they’re testing out this time as we get the opportunity to see some incredibly heavy hitting ammunition as it goes up against some material that might seem to be pretty impenetrable. You would think that, at some point though, just about everything would be able to be pushed enough that it would budge and this time, we’re seeing if we can find that point with a rock solid train track.

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Now, as we just mentioned, the track is going to be on one side of this battle and, in the opposite corner of the ring, we have a 50 cal bullet, ready and willing to plow through just about anything that it’s able to. This is a sort of unstoppable force versus an immovable object battle that could be interesting to watch so you had better point your rear end toward that seat and grab some popcorn because you never know what could happen in a throwdown like this.

Before following along in the video below that shows off the situation that has this ammunition hurling through the air, be sure to tell us what you think is going to happen when all is said and done. Will these massive bullets do any damage to the materials at hand or will they simply crunch and fall to the ground once they collide with the train track that has been built to take abuse? The only way to find out is the click that play button so head down below and see for yourself what happens in this intense demonstration!

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