Rare and One-of-a-Kind, Shredding Tires in a 500HP 1956 Morris Minor Pickup Truck

For most people, it’s kind of hard not to get into the daily grind, doing ...

For most people, it’s kind of hard not to get into the daily grind, doing something similar each and every day. Now, while I’m sure that the guys at the Donut Garage do have a sort of routine, you never really know what’s coming day in and day out as all sorts of different machines make their way through this legendary hotspot of automotive everything. It could literally be just about any vehicle in any genre from any era. The diversity of everything that comes to the garage is what keeps us coming back for more and this time, we definitely get a heaping spoonful of the same.

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This time, however, while we usually are expecting different, it doesn’t often happen that you come across a vehicle that most have never seen or heard of before. However, that’s exactly the case with this one as we come across quite a one-of-a-kind specimen. The truck is known as a Morris Minor, a 1956 model to be a little bit more specific. As if seeing something like this that’s incredibly rare, to begin with, wasn’t special enough, this thing has really been decked out from top to bottom with all sorts of go-fast goodies that you can’t help but love. When you hear the story behind this machine and the ups and downs that the truck has gone through as a family heirloom, you might just fall love with it even more.

Follow along down in the video below that takes you along for another episode of Daily Transmission, the show that you absolutely need to see if you’re a gearhead. If you’re anything like us, we think that you’ll absolutely fall in love with this truck that has such a way of stealing the show that we just can’t help but fall in love with every little detail that really brings the machine to life.

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