60 Year Old Vintage Boat Equipped with a WWII Aircraft Engine!

There are all kinds of unique setups when it comes to things that go fast and this ...

There are all kinds of unique setups when it comes to things that go fast and this time, we check out a little combination that we couldn’t help but want to learn more about. When we heard about this boat, our inner gearhead really was dying to see it in action.

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What we have on our hands here is a vintage hydroplane racing boat from the year of 1957 that goes by the name of Miss US U-36. While a boat like this might be cool enough on the outside, the story behind the engine makes watching the finished product in motion even more spectacular of a show.

Contrary to what you might expect, this hydroplane is powered by none other than a power plant from a World War II era fighter plane. According to the person who uploaded the video, the engine is more specifically an Allison V-1710 that supposedly cranks out 1500 horsepower.

Now, I don’t really know about you, but personally, I feel like getting into something like this would truly be a treat. When you’re behind the controls, it has to feel like the magnificent old school machine is about to lift out of the water and go into flight with all of that power. Be sure to check out the video below that showcases the old school technology and tell us what you think of such a craft.

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