$60,000 Camaro Crashes Into Pool… Whoops!

What a terrible way to end an afternoon ride in your new ZL1 Camaro. The driver, who ...

What a terrible way to end an afternoon ride in your new ZL1 Camaro. The driver, who mercifully wasn’t named during the news broadcast (can you imagine the flack he’d catch for this online?) apparently lost control of the Camaro and crashed through a fence and into the local community pool.

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Luckily the driver was uninjured and I’m assuming since no other injuries were reported that the pool was closed at the time of the incident, or at least nobody was near where the car plunged into the water. We can’t be too hard on the guy, we’ve certainly seen some experienced drivers get in a little over their heads and lose control, but the whole watery grave aspect of this situation is a bit humorous, especially knowing that there were no injuries other than to the driver’s pride.

While the ZL1 is definitely not roadworthy anymore, if there are any racers in the area this may be a great way to get your hands on a fifth gen Camaro at a great price. The car would have to be gutted down to the body and chassis and given a good once-over to make sure there’s no water standing inside the metal to cause it to rust, but to build it into a racecar would require it to be stripped to that level in most cases anyway.

Hopefully the driver has good insurance and will be able to get himself back behind the wheel soon, though we may suggest he pick up something a little more his speed and less likely to get away from him. I wonder if the swimming pool had to be drained after the incident. It seems almost certain that some of of the fluids would have escaped, such as fuel through the vented gas cap? Would the owner of the car be on the hook for that bill? I’m somebody would have to pick up the tab for those thousands of gallons of water, plus the chemicals that are put in the water to make it safe to swim in.

Camaro Crashes into a pool

And You Thought YOU Had A Rough WeekMuscle Car Nation

Posted by Muscle Car Nation / Drivn.com on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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