$60,000 Giant Scale B-52 R/C Plane Crash

While the content matter of this video does make it a bit depressing, this is some ...

While the content matter of this video does make it a bit depressing, this is some really amazing stuff that someone managed to capture on camera here. It really is sullen, however, that someone just lost a lot of hard work.

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This aircraft constructed by Gordon Nichols, as reported by World War Wings, has quite a bit invested into its construction with all of the small details adding up to come up with a tally of $60,000. That’s no small bankroll for a car, yet alone a remote control hobby!

However, no amount of money could save the plane from what was coming next when it lifted off, appearing to struggle with the wind before gravity got the best of it and took it down like a bag full of marbles.

From what we’ve been told, the pilot became disoriented when the plane turned around, reversing the controls, and thus heading straight into the ground to create a rather large and fiery hole!

The video below shows off a bystander’s point of view as this incredibly expensive plane made its way down too quick and became one with the Earth.

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