7 year old Cash LeCroy rock crawling in his turbo RZR buggy

Rock crawling is a booming segment in the motorsports world, and some of the crawler ...

Rock crawling is a booming segment in the motorsports world, and some of the crawler builds we have seen are nothing short of engineering marvels. Of course, no machine is worth the metal it’s constructed from if it doesn’t have a skilled operator behind the wheel, and there are no shortage of badass rock crawler pilots either. This, however, may be the most impressive combination of man… errrr, boy and machine that we’ve ever seen!

Cash Leroy is seven years old. Yes, you read that correctly. However, watching him pilot this only-slightly-smaller-than-normal rock crawler, you’d never know this kid still has most of his baby teeth. Levi manhandles his rock crawler as if he has decades of experience, finding the ideal line to hit and the proper speed to attack. At one point, he even masterfully backs down an obstacle and finds a better way up, showing incredible patience and sight to attack these vertical climbs. With the crowds watching, Levi successfully navigates his way over every seemingly impossible course, consistently finding his way to the top like a seasoned veteran.

Something tells us we will be seeing lot more of this kid in the crawling world over the next few years!

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