$700 GoPro Fusion 360° Camera is a Mere Novelty, Says Camera Reviewer

If you’ve been following along with the action camera market, more ...

If you’ve been following along with the action camera market, more specifically, GoPro, the company that really seems to be synonymous when you think of that space, you might have noticed that things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for the company. The beloved action camera maker has been trying to continuously innovate in a space that seems like innovation really isn’t all that possible and as such, their stock numbers have gone down and down and down. Recently, they have been hovering around historic lows under the $8 mark. As someone who can really appreciate this brand, it’s sad to say. Hopefully, GoPro is able to make their turnaround sometime soon but the future is still hazy if one of their recent releases has anything to say about it.

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With a tough fight looming on the horizon, you’ll have to wonder exactly what GoPro has up their sleeve to make their shareholders and customers alike happy once again. With the recent release of the GoPro Fusion 360° Camera, it seems like they might be onto something here but haven’t exactly got it all hammered out yet. This time, we take a look inside of a review of the Fusion that essentially tells us that the camera might have some potential but what customers are getting for $700 really seems to be kind of a mess. In this day and age, $700 can actually buy you a lot in terms of a camera and the Fusion certainly does have a lot to offer but, if you ask this consumer, at least, he would say that it probably could still use a little bit more work before it’s perfected

Follow along in the video down below that shows off the Fusion, taking a glance at its features and seeing what this thing looks like when it’s put into action. The camera definitely does have some neat features like the Small Earth shot that you’ll see pictured in the video and even a mode that will make it look like the camera is hovering behind you, even when it’s mounted on a pole on whatever you’re fastening it to. After checking out the video below, be sure to tell us if you think that this kind of 360° camera is the future of recording or if it’s simply just hey gimmick to make a quick buck. It does look to be one of the best options in the 360 niche but if that will catch on is yet to be seen.

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