$750,000 Will Get you a Fully Electric 800hp, 220mph C7 Corvette

When it comes to the landscape of electric cars, companies like Tesla have done a ...

When it comes to the landscape of electric cars, companies like Tesla have done a really good job of taking something that really has no business being entertaining and making it that way, really bringing these vehicles around so that they can be competitors in the performance space along with offering up optimal economic benefits as well. However,┬áthe way the current Tesla lineup performs might have some stout competition when compared to the way that one of the latest creations from Genovation Cars is coming to the scene and making an electric car one of the fastest things on the strip on any given night at test n’ tune.

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It all starts out as nothing more than a base model C7 Chevrolet Corvette. However, after a little bit┬áton of modification, the original combustion engine is put aside in favor of a little bit different flavor. Sure, it might cost you three-quarters of a million dollars to play this game but it’s kind of hard to say that anybody else really has an electric vehicle cranking out 800 hp that’s capable of 220 mph. Thanks to retaining a gearbox that isn’t a traditional one-speed that you’ll see in electric cars, this machine is really able to stretch out its legs and show dominance, if the prototype ever comes through to fruition and ends up in the hands of the consumer.

Follow long down in the video below that will give you an initial look at what exactly you can expect from the Genovation GXE that is really flipping the script on what exactly you can expect out of an electric car. With a machine like this, you’re almost guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and when it comes to how it performs, well, that shouldn’t be too shabby either. After learning more about this car and seeing exactly what it has to offer, we’ll let you be the final judge on if you think it’s worth all that they’re asking for it.

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