8 Car Myths that you Probably Believe

No matter what you’re talking about in life, whether it be how to raise a child ...

No matter what you’re talking about in life, whether it be how to raise a child or take care of your home or any other random thing in between that involves a little bit of hard work and effort, there is probably some type of myth or urban legend that has caught on and relates to how you can get it done. When it comes to your car, there might just be more of the same as people have come up with some pretty wonky things that relate to everything from how you buy a car to how you take care of one and just about everything in between.

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This time, we take a look at a whole collection of these fun facts that may or may not be true depending on who you ask. In this collection of ideas, we get different concepts in relationship to cars that the Viral Vehicles channel seems to believe are all myths. Some of these might be debatable but with others, you definitely get the feeling that they’re right on the money with the idea that some urban legends have been started at one point and simply spiraled out of control. It can all beĀ thanks to some type of he-said, she-said scenario that spread the misinformation or even something malicious for some sort of economic gain that would put the information over the edge and present it as fact until it eventually caught on.

No matter the source of the spread of information, this video seems to be convinced that these eight tidbits are a collection of knowledge that you should be incredibly cautious about should you find yourself caught up in a situation where your well-being relies on one of these factors. After following along with the video below, be sure to tell us which of these alleged myths you think are actually as false as the uploader claims for them to be and which might actually be truths, if any.

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