8 Cars That Are Totally Illegal to Drive in America but Will be Legal Soon

There are definitely cases upon cases of times where America ends up getting the ...

There are definitely cases upon cases of times where America ends up getting the short end of the stick with cool cars. The chief among them seems to be the R34 Nissan GT-R.

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Sure, we have plenty of machines here to keep us entertained. However, with the ongoing phenomenon of wanting what we can’t have, we find lots of machines abroad that we can’t help but want. The point that really churns our gut is that many of these machines just aren’t available here in the United States and even if we imported them, we can’t drive them legally on the road. Try and they’ll likely be impounded.

Due mostly to safety regulations in place, or so they say, cars that were never tested for American roadways can’t be driven on them until they’re old. In other words, we have to wait until somebody else makes them sketchy with modifications and lack of maintenance before they can safely see the streets here… makes sense, right?

All jokes aside, there is an ever-growing list of cars that we would love to add to the garage but simply can’t. If we did, they would have to be off-road machines for show purposes or maybe racing at the track. Try and drive one on the road and get pulled over, though, and you’re probably going to have a bad time.

Below, we tune in with theĀ Ideal Media YouTube channel as they give us an inside scoop on which of these cars are the most desirable and maybe when we can expect to see them on the streets here in America. After getting a load of this video, you might just get a little bit antsy, looking at all the eye candy that you won’t be able to legally drive here in the states. Better break out that patience because, over the horizon, some of these cars could still be yours

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