8 Year Old Max Gordon Testing Stadium Super Trucks… Start Em Young!

Nothing to see here, folks… just an 8 year old driving a Stadium Super Truck like a ...

Nothing to see here, folks… just an 8 year old driving a Stadium Super Truck like a legit seasoned professional. Of course, when your dad is the legendary Robby Gordon, there’s a good chance driving like this is just ingrained into your DNA from birth. Whether he was born with it or has been practicing, young Max Gordon clearly knows what he’s doing behind the wheel, as he looks entirely comfortable behind the wheel of this Stadium Super Truck. From the first second of the video, you can see the confidence brimming in the young wheelman, who is obviously itching to follow in the footsteps of his father, who’s found success behind the wheel of a number of different types of vehicles.

It’s way to early to predict – but I’m going to anyway – that Max just might find himself in competition behind the wheel of not only one of these badass offroad trucks, but anything else on four wheels, from NASCAR to Formula 1 to Sprint cars. With almost a decade to get comfortable behind the wheel, can you imagine the ride his instructor will be in for the day Max goes to get his driver’s license? If you’re reading this, Robby, think “viral content” and remember who gave you the idea!

Of course, that’s all quite a way down the road. For now, it’s pretty awesome to see such a young driver have such amazing presence behind the wheel of a truck that would be hard for even a full grown adult to even crank, much less take for a lap around this track.

From slinging the rear end out through the curves to jumping the ramp like he’s done it a million times, just watch this young man take total control of this snarling stadium truck and whip it around the course like he’s been doing this for years.



8yo Max Gordon testing the Stadium Super Trucks

Posted by Stadium Super Trucks on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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