800HP Lamborghini Drifting In The Snow! *Merry Christmas*

When it comes to the exotic cars that generally need a pretty big dollar investment ...

When it comes to the exotic cars that generally need a pretty big dollar investment to get into, people tend to take care of them as much as they can. While not necessarily everybody is keeping a Lamborghini in a climate controlled garage and detailing it every single day, I can’t say that I know of too many people who would take their¬†Lamborghini Huracan out in the snow to do a little bit of drifting. However, as the name “Daily Driven Exotics” infers, these guys really aren’t interested in putting their exotic cars up on a pedestal as they drive them every day as hard as they can! They really take¬†the liberty of getting the most out of these vehicles that they possibly can.

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This time, we check out this scene as DDE takes out their 800 hp Huracan for a little bit of fun in the snow. I think that if people had the choice to do this without having to risk their own money and could potentially get into a situation that looks similar, I’m sure that there wouldn’t be anybody in this world that would turn down the opportunity to be behind the wheel here. It looks like about the ultimate good time as the high-performance machine is put through its paces, really stretching out its legs in order to have about the ultimate good time out there in the snow.

Be sure to check out the video that shows us exactly what something like this might look like. At the end of your life , when you’re looking back on everything that you’ve done and picturing situations like this, I can’t say that there would be very many regrets for something like that as it looks to be about the ultimate good time. After checking out the situation for yourself, be sure to tell us if you would do this with your Lamborghini.

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