92-Year-Old Gets Behind the Wheel of a Tesla, Tries to Learn the Newest Technology

No matter what your situation, it can be pretty easy to take certain aspects of life ...

No matter what your situation, it can be pretty easy to take certain aspects of life for granted. For example, if you were born in the past couple decades, you probably have an astute understanding of technology that not everybody is lucky enough to have. Sometimes, you just take your knowledge of electronics for granted but, you should remember that not everybody can understand cell phones and other gadgets of the like as much as you can and therefore, might not have as many luxuries and advantages in life afforded to them.

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This time, we check out just that situation as we view a vehicle that most people these days would probably be pretty familiar with and be able to get in, and decipher just about every piece of technology that’s onboard. However, at 92 years of age, being able to figure out a car like the Tesla might not exactly be the most intuitive thing you can possibly do. It’s pretty interesting to see how someone of such advanced age interacts with something that is so high-tech that most people who are good at technology probably took a second to drop their jaw in awe when they saw the original rollouts of exactly what’s offered with such cars.

The video below actually ended up being quite heartwarming to see how this older woman ended up interacting with the electric car that really has a lot to offer. A video like this just shows you how spoiled you can easily get as technology is so ingrained in our regular lives that we almost consider it to be normal. The next time that you find yourself complaining about your phone moving a little bit slowly or your computer not quite cooperating, just remember that you’re in a lot better place with technology than a lot of people are and you should feel fortunate to have it at all.

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