A $10,000 Fine For a U-Turn?

After hearing a story like this, it makes you a little bit apprehensive to do ...

After hearing a story like this, it makes you a little bit apprehensive to do something like traveling. When you do travel, maybe the story here will be something that you can arm yourself with so that you can better learn how to conduct yourself in a foreign place. What these people went through is definitely something that you’re not going to want to duplicate, not only because of their financial loss but also because it ends up being pretty scary when you get down to the nitty-gritty. When you consider that they basically paid for their freedom due to a minor infraction, it really makes you think twice about doing something like this in a place that you’re not familiar with.

Here in the United States, making an illegal U-turn definitely is something that you can get banged up for by a police officer and rightfully so. If you break a law, it’s only natural that you have to face the consequences no matter how minuscule the law might seem. However, if you did get in trouble for it here in America, I would think it would be something that would be nothing more than a small fine to get fixed and have you going about your day as you normally would. It’s something that you wouldn’t be thinking about in the matter of a week.

However, this time, we learn about what happened in Europe when a couple of drivers were on a rally and the police saw them make such an illegal U-turn. Instead of the slap on the wrist and a couple of bucks out of their pocket that they would’ve paid in America, it turned into one great big extravaganza that they were leaning toward being extortion as they would be harassed by the police for several days. After coming home $12,000 or so lighter in the pockets, they have a story to tell that will most definitely infuriate you when you picture yourself being the one behind the wheel.

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