A Bump in the Middle of an Minnesota Highway Makes for a Good Jump!

For those who find themselves enjoying their time in the air after hitting a jump, ...

For those who find themselves enjoying their time in the air after hitting a jump, most of the time, that joy comes after a voluntary approach to the ramp. However, for people riding down this Minnesota highway, their airborne state came as quite a surprise, or at least we would assume. What we see here in the surveillance footage is nothing short of shocking as hot weather in Minnesota, north of 90-degrees, would cause the section of highway to buckle and essentially create a ramp for cars rolling at 60+ miles per hour to be sent into the air. Just imagine that while you’re sipping on your morning coffee.

This, most definitely, isn’t something that you would want to have to deal with on your commute to work or wherever you find this highway taking you. While cars might be seen going airborne in the movies all the time, it’s definitely something that could get rather dangerous in real life. Luckily, it looks like most people in this clip were able to keep it rolling in a straight line!

A surprise like that certainly isn’t one that you’re going to come across every day and while it might be rather terrifying in the moment, I bet that the story that these people have to tell is going to be one that they will never forget.

Check out the video below that shows car after car becoming victims of the bump in the road that’s just a bit too big. They need to get someone out there to fix this safety hazard ASAP. Who knows how many people nearly lost their breakfast because of this anomaly in the Minnesota highway that had to throw the drivers through a loop! Do you think that you would’ve been able to keep it going straight?

Cars go airborne after road buckles in heat

BUMP IN THE ROAD! Watch as cars go airborne in Minnesota after the roadway buckles due to 91° heat. Kind of makes you wonder about valley roads this weekend, doesn't it? (Video courtesy Minnesota DOT)

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Friday, June 17, 2016

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