A Canadian Skidoo Camper – Redneck Ingenuity at its Finest

A Canadian Skidoo Camper – Redneck Ingenuity at its FinestDouble entries are ...

A Canadian Skidoo Camper – Redneck Ingenuity at its Finest

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Rednecks always seem to come up with the best inventions. Even though some of them might not be the safest looking things on earth, they all tend to be of high entertainment value.

This time, we check out what appears to be a homemade mobile ice fishing hut that has been constructed with the help of a Skidoo snowmobile and a pop-up camper.

We aren’t sure if we should be laughing or completely impressed by the fact that this thing is able to get up and move across the ice like it was meant to be.

Check out the video below to see the homemade contraption for yourself and tell us what you think of this innovative garage built contraption.

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