Bomber Babe Goes For a First Ride on Her KTM RC390

Worldwide Bomber Magazine is a new online publication that featured bikes from all ...

Worldwide Bomber Magazine is a new online publication that featured bikes from all around the world built with a single objective: to go FAST! They gather hopped-up bikes from all corners of the globe and showcase them in one badass biking collective. It’s no secret that gorgeous babes are a big part of the motorcycle culture, whether they’re wrapped tightly around a guy ripping down the highway or if they’re doing the riding themselves. There are few things sexier than a hottie doing work on a speeding sportbike, and thanks to WWB magazine, we have some footage of just that!

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The magazine is the home of the Bomber Babes, a group of beauties whose driving skills match their attractiveness. One of the babes gets the keys to a brand new KTM RC390, a 160+ MPH capable sports bike from the Austrian bike manufacturer. With a relatively tame 60 HP on tap, the bike isn’t an acceleration monster, built instead to handle well through the twisties. That’s not to say the bike can’t get you in trouble, though, as it’s lightweight does allow it to roll out on the top end.

Obviously, we enjoy checking out this blond bombshell in her skimpy dress, but we’d be doing an injustice if we didn’t point out how ridiculously dangerous riding without proper gear can be. While it’s great to see her wearing a helmet, even a low-speed spill can result in some serious road rash, and that cute little dress isn’t going to provide any protection for her skin against the abrasive asphalt. She was obviously taking it easy on this ride around town, but all it takes is one inattentive driver to ruin even the most leisurely ride, so please, WWB Magazine, have these beautiful ladies leather up next time you send them out for a cruise.

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