A single sign saves motorcycle rider from crashing off of massive canyon

When motorcycle riders hop on their bikes, they’re very aware of the risks at ...

When motorcycle riders hop on their bikes, they’re very aware of the risks at hand but the potential reward and freedom seem to outweigh the threat of a risk most of the time. While there are many minor situations that one can get wrapped up into, occasionally comes along a life or death scenario that makes you wonder if it’s all worth it when you hop on your iron horse.

This time, we check out a group of motorcycle riders as they carve through a canyon on what seems to be a pretty normal ride. It doesn’t look like anything too aggressive is happening here but that doesn’t stop one rider from falling down. Perhaps he hit a rough piece of road or misjudged the turn a little bit.

We watch on a helmet-mounted GoPro camera as the rider goes down and disaster nearly unfolds in front of our eyes but thankfully, he fell in such a way that a roadside sign would prevent him from tumbling off of the edge of the canyon to what we would venture to say would be a minimum of some major injury.

Check out the video below and pay close attention to the riders up at the front of the pack. This guy should be thanking his lucky stars that the sign on the side of the road was in the right place to keep him alive and kicking.

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