Speeding Car Left Dangling Off a Building After Going Airborne, Drug Fueled Joyride Gone Wrong

Getting into a fender bender is definitely no fun experience. I guess that you ...

Getting into a fender bender is definitely no fun experience. I guess that you wouldn’t want to get into an accident of any scope, for that matter. However, the next time that you end up with a small crash and bang, recalling a situation like this might be a good way to remember that it’s all going to be okay and everything could be a lot worse. I guess that you could apply that type of mindset to just about any situation that you get tied up in with life but with this series of events, you get to see a pretty bad scenario unfold as it all comes together to paint one confusing picture.

This time, we check in with quite the scene as a speeding car was left dangling in quite the odd situation after the most unlikely series of events would come together and paint the picture. Apparently, after the car was done with its high-speed antics, it would then meet with a median where it would go airborne. Normally, you would think that going airborne would entail maybe a couple of inches of air but this one apparently went a lot higher than that as it was launched into the side of a building, blasting through the wall and left to be hanging over the street below.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the aftermath of the incident. Reports say that the driver was under the influence of drugs and that the car did catch fire when it made its way into the building. However, all would be alright as the driver and passenger would be sent to the hospital to be treated and no other injuries were reported. Just imagine coming home to find a car sticking out of the side of your house. I’m sure that whoever owns this building is going through exactly that feeling.


Speeding Car Goes Airborne, Plows Into Second Floor of Building

A speeding car was left dangling off the second floor of a building in Santa Ana after it hit a median and went airborne. http://4.nbcla.com/mVlURlB

Posted by NBC LA on Sunday, January 14, 2018

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