Aaron Kaufman and Girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob Relationship

For some reason, human nature combined with the way that American culture has ...

For some reason, human nature combined with the way that American culture has evolved dictates that we’re incredibly interested in what our favorite stars are up to behind the scenes. What do they do in their free time? What do their relationships look like? There are lots of personal questions that seem odd to ask about when you take the time to contemplate them, but for some reason, in this landscape, it just happens to be normal. We just can’t help ourselves from getting involved with a heaping helping all of the back story of some of the biggest names that you see on your television screen.

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Lately, all of the news surrounding Aaron Kaufman has been all about his decision to leave Gas Monkey Garage, forever changing the way that the shop does business and, of course, exactly what he’s going to be doing with himself after the departure.

Fans have been clammering on and on about how they want to see him remain on television and take a look at some of what he’s been building, even though Aaron persists that maybe the kind of things that he wants to build might not be the best call for a television series. The way that will unfold remains to be seen but this time, we check out a video that compiles what social media has said about Aaron’s life behind the scenes outside of his interactions with cars and trucks.

Follow along with the video below that outlines what he’s up to with girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob, when he’s not wrenching on something or making some sort of appearance. Are you one of those people who tends to be super curious about what your favorite stars are up to or could you care less about it? If you’re one of the former, then you’re going to want to tune in to get the scoop down below!


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