ABANDONED 1969 Dodge Charger Drives After 34 Years

The art of the barn find is one that definitely is exciting! There’s nothing ...

The art of the barn find is one that definitely is exciting! There’s nothing like rolling up on an unknown find and the potential for there to really be something special. Even if it’s not in the best condition, coming across a car that’s incredibly rare or in some way close to your heart can be intriguing. The unknown really makes these experiences special for the person behind them and when you finally do find out what the big surprise is, it gets even better. In this case, we check out a truly classic car that any car nut should be able to appreciate.

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Behind the barn, this time, we ride along with a platform that is nothing short of iconic. The 1969 Dodge Charger really has poised itself to be a cornerstone of the American Muscle car community and for good reason. This particular Charger, though, isn’t exactly something that you’d see at a car show, though, as it’s definitely been neglected for some time and could use a little bit of attention but that’s ok because it looks like this one has a ton of potential hiding out within and looks like its well on the way to get the attention that it so deserves.

Follow along in the video below as we’re able to trace the lines that make this old school muscle machine something incredibly special. When you stumble upon a car like this that’s true to its heritage and spills out history thanks to all of the wonderful canvas that’s left to build back into an amazing machine, you really get a sense of appreciation for the incredibly interesting find. Be sure to look it over for yourself and tell us what you think of this rolling beast as it makes its maiden voyage after sitting for over three decades.

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