Abandoned Race Track And Race Cars In The Middle Of The Boonies!

While something might be great and tons of fun today, father time has a way of ...

While something might be great and tons of fun today, father time has a way of changing things up and making them completely unrecognizable even though they might have been as recognizable as the back of your hand at one point in time.

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This smalltown race track, or at least the remnants of it, show us exactly that theme up close and personal. This graveyard it Is only a fraction of what it once was.

From the area where the straightaway once laid to the weather torn carcasses of the racecars strewn about like pieces of trash, only the trained eye would be able to tell that this was ever a facility used for racing.

Check out the video below that takes us through Perth Speedway that was operated from the early 50s all the way to the late 70s and brought adrenaline and excitement to many while the gates were opened.

The Most Famous Abandoned Race Tracks

  • Reims-Gueux circuit. The circuit named Reims-Gueux located in France, not far from the city of Reims, was opened in 1926. …
  • Phoenix Trotting Park. …
  • Keimola Motor Stadium. …
  • Valencia Street Circuit. …
  • Fuji Speedway NASCAR Track..

Even today, if a place like that had been maintained, it would probably be enjoyed by a plethora of people. It’s a shame that money doesn’t always agree.

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