According To This YouTuber Ferrari Has Admitted To Rolling Back Odometers

If there’s one thing that ends up being quite unanimous across a lot of people ...

If there’s one thing that ends up being quite unanimous across a lot of people who try to grapple with car dealers, it’s that there is a general distrust with what some of these dealers might try to go out there and pull. While a lot of car dealers might be honest, I guess that you could say that the rotten apple spoils the bunch as people think that every single car dealer is out to get them. While maybe that could be true to an extent, you have to pick someone to be able to trust, right? Even with things like odometer rollbacks happening, you can’t distrust every car salesman.

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In this day and age, with the way technology is sitting, you would think that automotive manufacturers would’ve made it pretty impossible to roll back odometers and in many cases, that might be exactly the situation. However, if you purchase a Ferrari, it just so turns out that the manufacturer does have the ability to change the mileage that’s read on your odometer. Most of the time, the odometer reading would be changed due to a malfunction with a car that would essentially void the entire gauge cluster after the car had just been jump-started improperly. However, you can see where people could begin to twist the truth a little bit in order to have more money lining their pocket by using this type of knowledge to their advantage.

If you follow along down in the video below, YouTuber, Rob Ferretti, tells us a little bit about how exactly he needed to have the odometer rolled back on his Ferrari because of this failure and how things can tend to get a little bit out of hand. When you’re spending that much money on a car, it could be scary to think that it’s been tinkered with to make it something that’s not exactly what you’re paying for. However, there’s no real failsafe to make sure that it hasn’t happened to your machine.

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