Actor Frankie Muniz Reveals He Broke his Back in Race Car Crash

If you remember the sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle, that aired back in the early ...

If you remember the sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle, that aired back in the early 2000s, you probably remember actor, Frankie Muniz. If you want to feel extra old, Muniz is now 31-years-old and is no longer that cute dimwitted child that held together the cast of the show and took them through all of the antics that managed to keep the show on the air for six years. Now, Muniz has obviously starred in a variety of other productions but being Malcolm is most certainly how most of us remember him.

Since then, Frankie has gotten his hands in quite a couple of other ventures, one of which includes being a race car driver. However, when a nasty crash unfolded,  leaving Muniz in a bad situation, he would end up breaking his back and also doing damage to his ribs and his hands in the process. Previously, this seemed like either unknown or liitle known information but, thanks to his recent stint on Dancing with the Stars, a conversation with his partner, Witney Carson, had brought this information to life on the show’s premiere.

Frankie told Carson that, thanks to these injuries, he’s not really able to do anything in his life the same way as he used to. It affects all of his actions and, at times, makes him feel like there’s a 71-year-old man trapped in his young body. However, from what we’ve gathered, it doesn’t look like Frankie is going to let anything defeat him easily. From the looks of things, with special treatment to his body, he’s definitely determined to keep on moving forward with life and keeping on dancing. The video below will give you the entire rundown of everything that Muniz has faced to deal with the issue up this point in his life. However, don’t be surprised to see him out and about on the dance floor, being as athletic as possible in the near future!

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