After Singing the Richest Deal in Sports History, Here’s How Patrick Mahomes is Spending Half a Billion Dollars

As kids, I think that most of us wondered what life was going to be like when we grew ...

As kids, I think that most of us wondered what life was going to be like when we grew up. Naturally, we probably all had lofty expectations for the future. Perhaps some wanted to be doctors and lawyers while others wished to be athletes when they grew up. Playing around in the backyard, a lot of kids dream of making it to the big leagues one day. However, very few ever make that dream a reality and among those few, even fewer manage to stick around for a long time.

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If there’s one guy who we would bet is probably going to be around for a while, it’s Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes recently signed a 10-year deal, the length of which is pretty much unprecedented in today’s NFL. The deal was also signed for an amount of money that has never even been sniffed in the history of football or sports in general. The deal is worth up to $503,000,000 over the next decade to sling the pigskin. It’s the richest deal in sports history.

So, what exactly does one purchase when they have that much money? This isn’t just a lot of money for sports. This is a lot of money for anybody. Let’s just say that regular rich people look at this sum of money in the same way that normal people look at your average rich guy.

Below, The Richest takes the liberty of picking apart some of the things that Mahomes has bought for himself. As is the case with any contract, he hasn’t earned the full half 1 billion yet. However, over the next decade, the money is sure to come. That hasn’t stopped him from spending it now, though. With Mahomes being the hottest up and comer, let’s just say that his garage is definitely something to envy.

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