All You Can Carry For $59.99 Sale at a Junkyard

For the enthusiast that is into building things and creating magic in their ...

For the enthusiast that is into building things and creating magic in their garage with their own two hands, the junkyard can seem like a sort of paradise mixed with an adult candy store.

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While many times you can get a deal in a place like this, sometimes parts can still be quite expensive considering that they are super used in many cases.

This time, however, we check out a good idea to maybe get some more people out to a junkyard and give a couple of customers deals along the way.

In this particular sale, $59.99 we’ll get you all that you can carry for 20 feet. If you can span the distance, everything in your hands or on your shoulders is yours for under 60 bucks. That could call for some awesome deals if you’re willing to work for them!

Check out the video below as people come up with all sorts of different ways to attempt to carry heavy parts over the course. These guys get really creative and one guy even manages to get an entire engine!

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