Alleged Human Smuggler Blasts Through Checkpoint at 100+ MPH, Injures Border Agent

Speaking as somebody who observes border patrol from afar and doesn’t actively ...

Speaking as somebody who observes border patrol from afar and doesn’t actively interact with the people who are involved in protecting the border, I would have to assume that it’s a job that has lots of different intricacies and no two days that are alike. As folks attempt to smuggle all sorts of things over the border including but not limited to people, they probably come up with some unique ways to attempt to make their voyage into the states and agents probably always have to be on high alert at all times in case any sort of dangerous situation breaks out which we’d be left to assume could be always looming over the horizon.

This time, we tune in with such a situation that definitely seems to be unlikely but is still dangerous nonetheless. Instead of attempting to hide people within a vehicle and make his way through the checkpoint, a man by the name of Jorge decided that he was going to just try to blast straight through the border at high speed, putting together a big head of steam and not even thinking about stopping as he blasts through a sign at a checkpoint.

Via ABC News, “Jorge Garcia-Osornio, 28, of Michoacán, Mexico, was charged with transporting certain aliens and aiding and abetting”

The report on the situation concluded that the driver of the vehicle would later be apprehended after crashing the car into a hillside and leaving it behind. On multiple charges that involve a couple of traffic infractions, human smuggling, and charges related to injuring the border agent who apparently went to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries after being blasted by this sign in a manner that he compared to being hit by a baseball bat, Garcia-Osornio would be sentenced to 30 months in prison. After learning that, for each of the two occupants that he was attempting to get over the border, he was going to earn between $1,400 and $2,000, you have to wonder if the risk was really all worth it to him in the end.

Border officials: Driver barreled through Pine Valley checkpoint, injuring agent

Border Patrol video shows the moment a suspected human smuggler barreled through a checkpoint destroying a sign and injuring an agent. https://bit.ly/2jQ48mx

Posted by 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV on Saturday, May 12, 2018

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