AMAZING Quad Win and Fail Compilation

AMAZING Quad Win and Fail CompilationDouble Entries Are LIVE! win this 2020 Corvette ...

AMAZING Quad Win and Fail Compilation

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If you weren’t already in the know, you can manage to get yourself into some pretty hairy situations on a quad. Some of those situations end up ending better than others.

For this group of quad owners, the result is pretty polar. Either they epically win or they do something pretty stupid and fall into the epic fail category.

Let’s just say that if you don’t have experience doing something, work your way into it before you just go all out and make yourself look like a fool for all of eternity on the internet.

From killer donuts to loading up a quad gone wrong, this collection of clips will have you either scratching your head or laughing out loud. Come on guys! Let’s use some common sense here!

Check out the video below and pick out your favorite moment and let us know about it. Personally, we think that the dude hydroplaning across the water is pretty badass. One false move and he’s going under, but it looks like everything is gracefully under control!

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