AMAZING TECHNOLOGY – Jet Engine Made On A 3D Printer

AMAZING TECHNOLOGY – Jet Engine Made On A 3D Printerpre-entries are now live ...

AMAZING TECHNOLOGY – Jet Engine Made On A 3D Printer

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With each and every finished product that comes from a 3D printer, we’re more and more impressed at what the technology can handle.

Today, we check out a jet engine whose features were constructed thanks to a 3D printing process and the result is pretty astonishing.

Each and every part of this build has an integral function in making the engine make power and to think, it was just a heap of plastic before this!

Check out the turbine firing up in the video below. We would love to see this thing in action on some sort of vehicle to see what it can really do!

Check out more 3D printing in the form of a Toyota driveline.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.57.17 AM

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