Amazon’s Drone Delivery is Finally About to Get Underway!

We’ve been getting teased about Amazon drone delivery forever. The company that ...

We’ve been getting teased about Amazon drone delivery forever. The company that has already innovated shipping is looking to do it yet again. However, we’ve struggled to find concrete updates on the service. Based on the timing of updates around Christmas and Black Friday, many have speculated that it’s not real. Instead, they insist that drone delivery is nothing more than a marketing mechanism. It seems to hit the viral stream every time that they talk about it. In theory, that doesn’t seem like a bad way to remind Christmas shoppers that Amazon is ready for them.

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Yesterday, though, Amazon gave us a couple more crumbs that lead us to believe the tech is real. They say that the technology is finally proficient enough to fly on its own, avoiding things like people and power lines. This could mean that some items won’t even take a day to be delivered. Perhaps, after one click of the button, that small item will be at the door within a couple of hours or less. It’s almost like the company will be competing with delivery drivers at this point!

As for a time frame, the company has told us that in “a couple of months” it will be rolling out. It’s not very specific yet and we’re not sure how it’ll be rolled out. Will it be a slow launch available to certain areas? Will they do more of a widespread rollout? It seems like we still have more questions than answers in regards to the service.

However, this info is better than the simple news that it’s coming eventually. This time, we at least have a reference if we’re not seeing Amazon drone delivery as 2020 gets underway. The video below even gives us actual flight footage of what the drone is going to look like!

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