American Chopper Still Hanging on to Hope but the Future Doesn’t Look Bright

Starting in 2003, the hit reality show, American Chopper, would be a big part of ...

Starting in 2003, the hit reality show, American Chopper, would be a big part of reality television. It allowed us inside of the life of a family that, while extreme, might’ve reminded us a little bit of our own. The effort would put together a great run with lots of success. However, in 2010, it will be done for good… Or so we thought.

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An Unexpected Revival

In a recent article, we broke down what the cast has been up to over the last decade or so which can be seen here.

The latest development came in 2019 that would bring a new beginning for American Chopper. After lots of controversy surrounding the crew’s relationships and financial status, it was time to get back to work.

Season 12 would air on the Discovery Channel in the middle of February 2019 and run for seven episodes through March. That would lead us to think that it might be getting ready to gear up for season 13. However, February is almost over and we haven’t heard anything.

The Uncertain Future of American Chopper

The wild part about the future of American Chopper is that we don’t really have much news in one direction or the other. Speculation seems to say that the show is done, at least with Discovery. A lack of any news or posts on the show’s social accounts outside of announcing rival, Jesse James’s reboot of Monster Garage doesn’t look good.

The most concrete evidence that we could gather is that multiple outlets reported that the future isn’t looking so bright.

According to Page Six, an outlet that reports on celebrity news, the show was set to be canceled. They also made mention of Paul Sr. relaunching his own YouTube venture in the wake of the potential cancellation. Over the past couple of months, we have seen a consistent posting from the Orange County Choppers YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, pop culture reported that Teutul’s representative said that the show wasn’t canceled. While this may be true, we have yet to see anything speaking to the contrary. The article does make mention that the show has had a rather turbulent history. After jumping from network to network and going through several reboots, it’s kind of difficult to forecast a path.

However, all that we do know for sure is that Paul Sr. has been making YouTube videos and there has been absolutely no mention of anything for network TV.

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