American Chopper is Being Revived by Discovery Channel

When it comes to some of the most controversial shows of the past decade or two, ...

When it comes to some of the most controversial shows of the past decade or two, American Chopper is at the top of the pile of seemingly endless reality shows. Not too many can manage to stay around in the way that they did as most shows are off of the air after a couple of seasons, if that, however, the battles that went on behind the doors of Orange County Choppers really seemed to capture the attention of just about everybody. After a strong run from 2002 through 2012, the show would end up being dropped and those behind the reality series would go about business as usual, except without the usual cameras accompanying them.

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In recent news, we have discovered that American Chopper will be coming back to your television screen, though. No, this isn’t attempt to do some sort of smaller show or spinoff, but instead, American Chopper will be coming back in all of its glory as it is being revived by the Discovery Channel. I guess that, all these years after the show has gone off the air, it still stirs up enough controversy to the point where Discovery thought it to be worth their while to look into bringing this thing back to television once again. I don’t know about you but I think that I’ll be grabbing a bucket of popcorn and catching up with the Teutuls once again when the show is back on the air later this year.

The decision for the move back to reality for the family is coming on the back of an OCC revamp with a shop, café, bowling alley, and the showroom that is bound to attract many eyes. However, for the renovation doesn’t come on cheap terms so, in the name of getting more foot traffic through the facility and paying for some other renovations, the reality cameras will be rolling once again. In addition, because Junior’s business is built off of the back of high-dollar builds, we’d venture to think that the show might help him to diversify his income a bit and potentially attract more high-dollar customers, as well.

The show that averaged 3.4-million viewers at its peak is said to be one of the most popular shows to ever air on the Discovery Channel and, as such, all of the antics that go into building bikes with this dysfunctional family will be back on television once again at some point this upcoming winter!

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