Analyzing Every US President’s Favorite Car

For those who are intrigued by all that is speed and the automobile, it has to be ...

For those who are intrigued by all that is speed and the automobile, it has to be tough to think about becoming the President of the United States. Sure, that might be the last thing on the mind of someone who has accomplished the privilege of taking over such a position but hear us out for a second. Obviously, when one becomes president, they’re then hauled around by the Secret Service in all sorts of limousines and airplanes as to leave driving out of the equation for a safer experience for arguably the most important decision maker in the country if not the world, right?

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While that is definitely the case, it still doesn’t stop our presidents from having favorite cars and even collections of vehicles that they’re able to enjoy both before and after their presidency. In fact, some presidents even become synonymous with a certain brand or model of vehicle as they can still drive around on White House property.

In this breakdown by the Modern Muscle YouTube channel, we become immersed in a video that takes the opportunity to try and knock out the favorite vehicle of each and every president or at least the vehicles with which they have become known for. This might be something that not everybody picks up on over a president’s term but by keeping a close enough eye out, an astute observer would notice that pretty much every holder of the highest office has had a vehicle or vehicles that they have become associated with whether it’s because they have a collection of their own or had simply been spotted in the last thing that they had driven before hanging the keys up when they’d take their role in The Oval Office.

Thanks to Modern Muscle, we get the opportunity to dig through each and every US President and how their life has, in some way, related to automobiles. No matter who you are, most everybody has some sort of interaction with car culture so it’s pretty neat to see that even the leaders of the free world might have some interests in common with us.

With some presidents, you could definitely see their car of choice coming from a mile away but others really have tastes that are out of left field when you take a look at their personality.

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