Animated High Speed Jumps Gone Wrong, So Satisfying to Watch!

One of the best parts of operating in a video game world is that the consequences ...

One of the best parts of operating in a video game world is that the consequences aren’t real. If you go out there and wreck your virtual car, nothing is going to happen and you can do it over and over again until your heart’s content. There’s no telling what kind of fun you can have when you hop in this virtual world and go to town, trying out all of the different features that the game’s creators put in place to make sure that you have yourself a good time. This time, we check out someone who has pushed the gaming limits and it’s a ton of fun to watch!

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Sure, these car crashes might be virtual, however, as they unfolded, we couldn’t peel our eyes away from the screen as some of the accidents are downright brutal! This definitely isn’t something that you’d be able to enjoy in real life as you’d be entirely worried about the driver and, on top of that, I’m not too sure that physics would allow how some of these rides launch themselves through the air and completely tear themselves limb from limb as they bang into just about anything and everything that should happen to get in the way.

Check out the video below as these virtual crashes unfold in front of our eyes and show you what modern day gaming is all about! I could see myself getting lost for hours in the emulated chaos that these games bring to life and allow you to take part in. It might seem kind of pointless to watch, at first, however, when you find yourself being immersed in these videos, there’s a good chance that you’ll become entranced and find it hard to look away from the virtual action that’s going on right on your screen.

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