Animated Truck Vs Car Crashes Get a Bit Hairy – The Ultimate Video Game?

When it comes down to it, you can do just about anything virtually with the help of ...

When it comes down to it, you can do just about anything virtually with the help of technology these days. When looking at a game like BeamNG, you get the chance to hop into realistic crash simulations that allows you to immerse yourself in all sorts of different scenarios with different vehicles to jazz it up a bit to see what will happen. We’ve seen all sorts of different situations from the real world being simulated that are just way too dangerous to try out! Perhaps that detachment from reality while maintaining physics like the real world is one of the best parts of the game!

The scene painted here is pretty interesting as whoever was behind the controls of the game this time decided that they would have at it, putting trucks up against cars to see which would be able to fare better in an all-out throwdown, putting these virtual machines in danger as they get thrown into crash after crash to see which one is going to do the best job of surviving. It actually ends up creating much more suspense than you’d think and is fun to watch as it all pays off.

If you think about it, this is basically a perfect way to test out some over the top stunts without having to worry about somebody getting hurt if things go wrong. In fact, things going wrong seems like the best possible outcome, because what’s more fun than trying to wreck a car one way, only to have it get demolished in a completely unexpected way? There are surely millions of combinations that you can come up with when tooling around with a game like this and this video is sure to shovel over just a couple that are pretty fun to watch come to life!

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