Antique Flamethrower Restoration is Begging for Something to Go Wrong

One of the fun things about antiques is that they come in all types of different ...

One of the fun things about antiques is that they come in all types of different shapes and forms. There are a wide variety of interests in the category that range from tools to art and even automobiles. This time, however, we’re checking out an antique that is a little bit different than the rest. In fact, because of its obscurity and the potential for something to go wrong, we even see a neat little life insurance joke thrown into the mix at the very beginning to bring light to a situation that many probably were getting ready to make jokes about anyway.

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This time, the obscure antique on the table is a flamethrower. That’s right, if you’re thinking of something that you might see in the movies, that’s exactly what this thing is. Instead of being able to fire up right away and throw flames every which direction, it does look like this old flame machine needs a little bit of help, though. In this one, we check up on the process as the old school piece of machinery is taken apart, observing every nut and bolt before cleaning things up, repairing it a bit, and putting it back together again to see if it works as originally intended.

Follow along down in the video below that will stick you with this creation, giving you the formula to how something like this comes together while stripping it apart and showing you the internals. If you’ve ever wondered why it happened or how a flame flower comes together to work, be sure to check out this video because it’ll tell you more than you ever want to know about how these things operate. After seeing something like this, would you be tempted to pick up an old school flamethrower if you were to stumble across one?

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