Apple iPad vs Attack Helicopter with a Minigun

Apple iPad vs Attack Helicopter with a MinigunGrab 10X your entries now before it's ...

Apple iPad vs Attack Helicopter with a Minigun

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As the Internet has evolved, it has developed a serious infatuation with destroying the latest that technology has to offer in the name of a viral video.

Personally, we see no issue with this as opposed to the many who take to the comment sections to air their displeasure is about how they would have loved to use such electronics. Be honest, you love seeing them get destroyed just as much as we do.

This time, it’s an iPad Air 2 that’s on the chopping block and the weaponry of choice is a lot more extreme than we’ve seen before as it takes an entire helicopter fitted with a minigun to blow this one the pieces.

Check out the video below as somewhere between 3000 and 6000 rounds per minute fire into the iPad thanks to a Degroat M134 minigun. What do you think of this destruction?

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